Latest News - March 2023

Check out what's new at DANCETRINITY studio this month!

Build up your stamina, core strength and stay healthy with our awesome dance and fitness classes!

This month, Stephanie moves her popular contemporary classes to a later timeslot on Monday evenings! Enchance your understanding of the body with her contemporary body exploration class at 6pm and then apply those concepts in her contemporary class at 7pm!

Check these awesome classes out!
Thomas & Aurore - Swing

Swing with Thomas & Aurore

Swing dancing is an African American social dance style originating from 1930s Harlem, New York. It encompasses both partner and solo dancing. Swing celebrates the joy and self expression of the jazz age!

Join Thomas and Aurore as they guide you through the basics right up to the advanced in their Charleston and Lindy Hop partnered courses or their drop in solo classes!

Click here to see Thomas's full bio and click here to see Aurore's full bio.
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