Latest News - October 2021

IMPORTANT: Covid19 special arrangements - updated Friday 1st October - click here
The studio is open as normal! Please click on the link above for further information.
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Build up your stamina, core strength and stay healthy with our awesome dance and fitness classes!

This month we welcome Nish to the faculty who will be teaching Jazz Funk on Wednesdays and Hip Hop on Thursdays. Yukiko is also returning for this month, covering Ballet on Thursdays and we're also happy to announce that Kati will be adding a higher level Swing - Authentic Jazz class on Mondays!

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Katie - Swing
Swing dancing is an African American social dance style originating from 1930s Harlem, New York encompassing both partner and solo dancing (called Authentic Jazz). Swing celebrates the joy and self expression of the jazz age!

Authentic Jazz has deep roots in tap traditions and you can see that in its rhythmical style. Come develop your improvisation, musicality and self expression with Katie Cobalt every Saturday 6:30pm

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