Walk-In Timetable

Below you will find our weekly walk-in timetable. All the classes listed here are drop-in. This means you do not need to register or call us in advance. You only need to turn up at the listed time and take the class that you like.
Prices for the classes are listed on the right hand side of the timetable (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile). Please do call us if you have any questions, our contact details are at the bottom of the page.

Announcements, Scheduled Holidays & Cancellations
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All other classes will be running normally during all days in January including any public holidays.

January Walk-In Schedule

12:30-13:30 ZUMBAAll LevelsSandy
12:30-13:30 Adult Ballet (Beginners)Level 1Yukiko
13:30-14:30 Adult BalletLevel 2Yukiko
18:00-19:00 JAZZ FUNK/MTVAll LevelsSandy
18:00-19:00 Ballroom - LatinAll LevelsVenus
19:00-20:00 ZUMBAAll LevelsSandy
19:00-20:00 Modern JazzLevel 1Jenny
20:00-21:00 Modern JazzLevel 2Jenny
20:00-21:00 SALSA Open workLevel 3Sasha
21:00-22:00 Stretch and ConditioningAll LevelsSasha
21:00-22:00 SALSA Partner workLevel 3Alessio
12:30-13:30 Adult Ballet (Beginners)Level 1Kay
13:30-14:30 Adult BalletLevel 2Kay
18:00-19:00 Musical Theatre JazzAll LevelsChristian
19:00-20:00 ZUMBAAll LevelsClaire
19:00-20:00 SALSA Body Isolation & ApplicationAll LevelsSasha
20:00-21:00 SALSA Partner workLevel 2Alexandre
20:00-21:00 SALSA Partner workLevel 3Alessio
21:00-22:00 SALSA Open workLevel 2Sasha
12:00-13:00 ZUMBAAll LevelsSandy
12:00-13:00 Adult BALLET (Beginners)Level 1Kay
13:00-14:00 Adult BALLETLevel 2Kay
13:00-14:00 JAZZ FUNK/MTVAll LevelsSandy
18:00-19:00 ContemporaryLevel 1Cybil
19:00-20:00 Adult BALLET (Beginners)Level 1Boniface
20:00-21:00 HIP-HOPLevel 1Trish
20:00-21:00 Adult BALLETLevel 2Boniface
21:00-22:00 HIP-HOPLevel 2Trish
12:30-13:30 Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®All LevelsKay
12:30-13:30 JAZZ FUNK/MTVAll LevelsAudrey
13:30-14:30 Adult BALLET (Beginners)Level 1Kay
18:00-19:00 Pole Dance (Beginners)Level 1Symone
18:00-19:00 JAZZ FUNK/MTVAll LevelsAlly
19:00-20:00 ZUMBAAll LevelsCaroline
19:00-20:00 Egyptian Belly DanceAll LevelsShirley
20:00-21:00 Aerial Hoop (Beginners)Level 1Wing
20:00-21:00 Body Movement & IsolationAll LevelsSasha
21:00-22:00 SALSA Beginner (Partner & Open work)Level 1Sasha
21:00-22:00 SALSA Partner workLevel 2Alexandre
12:30-13:30 ZUMBAAll LevelsSandy
12:30-13:30 Adult BALLET (Beginners)Level 1Cybil
13:30-14:30 Adult BALLETLevel 2Cybil
18:00-19:00 YOGA - Gentle FlowAll LevelsCybil
19:00-20:00 SALSA Beginner (Partner & Open work)Level 1Alexandre
19:00-20:00 ZUMBAAll LevelsAngy
20:00-21:00 SALSA Open workLevel 3Sasha
20:00-21:00 SALSA Partner workLevel 2Alexandre
21:00-22:00 SALSA Open workLevel 2Sasha
21:00-22:00 SALSA Partner workLevel 3Alexandre
11:30-12:30 CORE Strengthening & ToningAll LevelsJay
12:30-13:30 Adult BALLETLevel 2Stephen
13:30-14:30 Adult BALLET (Beginners)Level 1Stephen
14:30-15:30 ZUMBAAll LevelsSandy
14:30-15:30 Bollywood Dance - FoundationAll LevelsNidhi
15:30-16:30 SALSA Partner workLevel 2Alexandre
16:30-17:30 SALSA Beginner (Partner & Open work)Level 1Alessio
16:30-17:30 SALSA Open workLevel 2Alexandre
17:30-18:30 SALSA Partner workLevel 3Alexandre
18:30-19:30 SALSA Timing & Musicality 2Level 2+Alexandre
18:30-19:30 Aerial Hoop (Beginners)Level 1Wing
10:30-11:30 Adult Ballet (Beginners)Level 1Boniface
11:30-12:30 Adult BalletLevel 2Boniface
12:30-13:30 Stretch and ConditioningAll LevelsSasha
13:30-14:30 Bollywood Dance - FoundationAll LevelsBinita
14:30-15:30 JAZZ FUNK/MTVAll LevelsSandy
14:30-15:30 ContemporaryLevel 1Lauren
15:30-16:30 ZUMBAAll LevelsSandy
15:30-16:30 ContemporaryLevel 2Lauren
16:30-17:30 SALSA Spinning & Turn TechniqueAll LevelsAlexandre
17:30-18:30 SALSA Partner workLevel 2Alexandre
17:30-18:30 SALSA Beginner (Partner & Open work)Level 1Sasha
18:30-19:30 SALSA Timing & Musicality 1Level 2+Alexandre
18:30-19:30 BACHATA BeginnersLevel 1Eman
19:30-20:30 BACHATA Partner workLevel 2Eman

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