Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive. If you have a query not listed here, drop us a message in our Contact Us page

  • How do I book a class? +
    If you're taking a class from our walk-in timetable then you don't need to book! Just arrive at the class start time and register at reception.

    If you're taking a class from our courses section, then you'd need to complete the online registration form for the course and our admin team will get back to you with more details.
  • What is the age range of students at your studio? +
    Classes on our walk-in timetable are designed for adults of any age and teens (13 and up).

    Although the average age range is between 20-40 years old, everyone is welcome.
  • How many students are there in a class? +
    The classes on our walk-in timetable are drop in, so there are always different numbers of people in each class.

    In order not to get overcrowded, when we notice one particular class becoming too popular, we add another class of that type on the schedule so that the numbers spread out and class numbers are manageable. As such, they average between 5 to 15 people per class.

    For our courses, we close enrolment if there are 20 paid registrations.
  • What do I need to wear/bring? +
    We have a wide range of dance and wellness classes, as such, each type of class has a different dress code and footwear requirement.

    If you are unsure of what you'd need to wear, it's best to do a quick YouTube search of that particular style and the word class (e.g. "Hip Hop Class") so that you can see what is commonly worn.
  • How strict is the dress code for ballet? +
    The usual dress code for ballet is full leotard with soft ballet slippers and long hair tied up in a tight bun.

    If it's your first time doing ballet and you're just trying it out then you may attend your first session in t-shirt and leggings with barefoot/socks but if you intend to continue then it's best to bring the aforementioned attire.
  • Is the studio open during Typhoons / Rain Signals? +
    The studio remains open and operating normally during Typhoon signals T1, T3 and Red/Black rain warnings.

    During a T8 signal, most classes continue to run as normal, however for instructors who live in the New Territories or on the outlying islands, their classes will likely be cancelled unless they can arrange a cover last minute so please call ahead if you're in doubt.

    During a T9 or T10 signal, the studio will be closed.
  • Do you have showers & lockers? +
    We have two washrooms that you can use for changing but no shower facilities.
    Lockers are available for monthly rental only. If interested in taking one, please enquire about them at reception when you next come for class.
  • Do you offer free trial classes? +
    Free trial classes are usually offered by Gyms and other centres who are trying to get you to pay their annual membership fee.

    At DANCETRINITY we have no membership fees, so for our walk-in classes you can just pay per class or take one of our discount cards to get your classes cheaper if you're coming in frequently.

    See our class fees section for more info.
  • I want to do a partner dance, do I need to bring a partner? +
    In partner dance classes, in order to learn effectively, it's important for the ladies to learn how to feel the lead from different gentlemen and develop their frames. It's equally important for gentlemen to learn how to adapt their lead to different ladies in order to properly guide their partners.

    For this reason partners are always rotated during partner dance classes so that you get the maximum benefit from the instruction and as such it isn't necessary to bring a partner with you, although it's nice to bring your friends along if you can!

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