Covid-19 Special Arrangements

Updated: Wednesday 28th April 2021

You may have seen news regarding air circulation inside of studios and gyms, at DANCETRINITY we have air purification which filters particles up to pm2.5 particulate size and each of our four units has an air circulation rating of over 1000 cubic metres per hour which would allow for over 10 air changes per hour.

The studio is open as normal however due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are compelled by the government to apply certain restrictions to the studio operations.

- All DANCETRINITY staff are tested every 14 days for covid19

- Your temperature will be taken on arrival

- Face masks must be worn at all times

- Classes above 4 people will be divided into smaller groups of no more than 4 people in each sub group. These sub groups must be 1.5metres apart from each other. Alternatively all class participants will be spaced 1.5metres apart. Your instructor will arrange the class accordingly.

- Hand sanitiser is provided at the studio entrance

- You may choose to use the QR code on our entrance door for the LeaveHomeSafe app, but our usual reception procedure already makes a record of your attendance for contact tracing purposes so it's not mandatory.

If you or other persons in your home have travelled outside of Hong Kong to ANY DESTINATION in the past 14 days it is advisable that you do not take class until 14 days has past and you are free of symptoms.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon!
Stay safe and wish you all good health!

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