Having always been passionate about dancing and teaching, Sasha was lucky to be trained in a variety of dance styles since she was four. Starting with Ballet, rhythmic gymnastics and folk dance she quickly chose Latin and Standard Ballroom as her main focus. For 10 years, she performed and competed both with her dance partner and in a team, and began teaching and choreographing at the age of 14.

None of the styles however resonated with her as much as Salsa which she came across after moving to Hong Kong and starting training with DANCETRINITY in 2010. Endless possibilities for partner connection, musical interpretation and personal expression which require solid technical foundation and body awareness was what inspired her to return to dancing after a career in linguistics and language teaching. Encouraged by Alexandre Amoroso, Sasha joined DANCETRINITY instructor team in 2013 striving to share the joy of dancing with students.

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