Pit gained his International Supreme Award with Distinction under the International Dance Teachers’ Association, IDTA in 2018, demonstrating proficiency in Street Dance.

He started his professional dancing career on Philippine television. He worked as a background dancer on numerous live musicals with the lead actors and actresses of the country. Being in the entertainment industry gave him profound understanding about production management.

He attended dance workshops at Universal Studios in Singapore back in 2001. Soon after, he gained his performing artists’ qualification, Artist Record Book, ARB, now the Artist Accreditation Certificate, AAC. He travelled to Taiwan, and South Korea and landed as a professional dancer and choreographer. Through his extensive years of experience performing with the best artists in South East Asia, he mastered his technique in Hip hop.

He came to Bahrain in 2013, and led as the Vice President and choreographer of the Philippine Dance Crew. Since then, he gained his reputation in the Bahrain dance community. In 2014, he established his own hip hop crew, Aenigma. He did annual dance concerts. 2016, Aenigma hailed as the Grand Champion on dance competition, Bust-a-Groove held at The Ramee Monroe Hotel, showing precision in contemporary hip hop. His dance crew became the global winner at the Changwon KPOP World Competition, held at the City Centre in 2018.

Pit moved to Hongkong last year and is presently creating his name as an artist and a dance teacher.

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