Karo is a dance fitness/Zumba instructor who is simply crazy about dancing!

After a master in clinical psychology (specialized in eating disorders) and an internship in dance therapy practice in France, she is strongly convinced that mind and body are closely linked. As her motto says, “Mens sana in corpore sano!”, a great and fun workout can bring a healthier body and a happier mind, and Karo’s goal is to see her students happy!

Having always been passionate about dancing, Karo believes it’s not just about technical skills but also about the positive energy and the strong feeling one gets when dancing. It’s a way to feel free and to be 100% yourself. That’s why she really wants to share the Zumba experience of exercising and enjoying!

Karo loves to make each class a new adventure and a great moment to share with students, so come down to studio to have a blast together!

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