Hoi Ling Keung (Stephanie) is a contemporary dance artist who graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Austria), the Bachelor of Arts program in the Northern School of Contemporary Dance with First Honour (England), and studied in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Hong Kong). She has been practicing ballet for 19 years, as well as very diverse body practice and dance techniques such as yoga, martial arts, Cunningham Technique, Gaga, Counter Technique, Flying low, Releasing Technique, Contact Improvisation, Partnering, etc.

Hoi Ling has worked with Jos Baker (UK), Aladino Riverna (Mexico), Maria Kolegova (Russia), Manuel Ronda (Italy), Tom Weksler (Isreal), Roser Tutusaus (Spain), Vittorria De Ferrai Sapetto (Italy), Guy Shomroni (Isreal), Konstandina Efthiadou (Greece), Fernanda Prata (Brazil), Joseph Mercier (Canada), and more.

She has recently been awarded the Artist-In-Residency program by Hong Kong Art Factory, proceeding with a 4-month ongoing movement research (September 2022 to January 2023).

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