Shirley's dance life began at the age of four. Throughout her childhood and teenage years, she studied classical ballet. She then started to learn different dance forms such as Belly dance, Bollywood, Flamenco, Hawaiian dance, Salsa and Zumba to allow herself to be a more all rounded dancer. Since 2004, she has been concentrating on dance and cultural studies about Middle Eastern Belly Dance.

Besides having trainings in her home town, Hong Kong, in order to further enhance and polish her skills, she has been travelling overseas including Dubai, Egypt, France, Singapore, Spain, UK and USA to attend belly dance workshops and conferences with numerous well-known belly dance legends, masters and superstars.

With her passion for belly dancing, Shirley has been attending many performances in Hong Kong and other countries as well as participating in TV programmes and movies. Shirley's belly dance teaching journey started in 2006 and her classes are always fun and focused on techniques and alignment.

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