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With over 10 years of teaching experience in Bachata partnerwork, ladies styling, wedding dance and kids dance, Eman can enlighten students at different age groups and genders. She believes that every student can express his/her unique character through dancing. When interacting with students, she can explore their potential so that students can have progress at different learning paces.

In 2010, Eman and Will J. Lee started Bachata classes at DANCETRINITY and established a strong Bachata scene in Hong Kong. The hot, sexy and sensual partner dance is taking HK by storm! Through fun and inspiring classes and parties, they share the Bachata passion to all Hong Kong dancers. In 2013, she created her own e-Bachata style. In 2017, she coached ‘eLadies Bachata Student Showcase Tour’ with choreography. She is always invited as a guest instructor in popular Salsa and Bachata social events. In addition, she choreographs memorable, sexy yet friendly wedding dance with romantic Bachata tunes.

Eman showed her strong interest in dancing at the age of 10. Her passion to dance drove her to devote to different forms of dance including Bachata, Salsa, ChaCha, Merengue, Street Jazz and Hip Hop. Well-trained at DANCETRINITY, she is a sought-after Bachata instructor and Salsa dancer in the community in Hong Kong. To further enhance her dance techniques, Eman always attend international dance festivals and intensive workshops in New York, London, Paris and other European and Asian cities for training by various world-class instructors. She can impress overseas/local guests, partners & audience with her expression, graceful body movement & full spectrum of musicality. Her dance can inspire people. Her unique style is a special flavour on top of the foundation and techniques.

“It's not only a dance, but an attitude!”

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